Zoe and Elle Leahy

Zoe Leahy

Zoe & Elle Leahy 2

What is your favourite Zoggs product?

Eden Starback – more comfortable than any other pair of swimmers I have worn. The patterns and style are so interesting, I love training in these!

Most memorable swim?

2015 Mooloolaba Triathlon 1500m teams event ocean swim. It was my first ocean swim so it was very different to the pool swimming I am use to. It is my most memorable swim because I didn’t expect to swim super fast, I just wanted to get through it without having a panic attack about the sharks underneath me. And to top it off, I was one of the first swimmers out of the water.

Favourite event?

Hell of the West Triathlon. I have competed in this event for the past 3 years and it is held in my home town of Goondiwindi so it is heaps of fun to race against some of the locals.

What are your training must haves?

Predator Women’s Polarized Ultra Goggles (for open water training), Racespex Neon Mirror Goggles (for pool swimming), Poolside Backpack (fits everything I need for training, don’t leave home without it), Matrix Hand Paddles (most of my sessions require paddles to improve strength), and a pair of swimmers from the Aqualast range.

How did you start your athletic journey?

Goondiwindi doesn’t offer every sport, but as a kid I competed in most of the sports they offered. I joined my local swimming club and started taking squad lessons when I was 10. I have been a very competitive swimmer  for the past few years, making numerous state and national teams, but I have now decided to focus on triathlons. I competed in the Hell of the West Kids Tri when I was little but never took it too seriously. My sister Elle introduced me to triathlons at the end of 2014, and now I can’t imagine my life without triathlons.

How do you prepare for an event?

My training is specific to what I need for my race. This is so when I am on the start line for the swim leg or on the blocks before a swimming race, I know that I have done everything I need to do well. Staying healthy and recovering after every session is just as important as the hours you spend in training.

What advice would you give to someone looking to compete in a triathlon?

Practice makes perfect.

Elle Leahy

Favourite Zoggs Product?

Poolside backpack, it fits all of my training equipment and I love the comfy style!Most memorable swim?My most memorable swim is definitely the Hell of the West Triathlon swim leg. Because of my age I can only complete the 2km river swim so I always enter in a local team and get involved. It’s great because the community always supports the locals and the home town advantage is also exciting.Favourite event?My favourite event is the Luke Harrop Memorial Triathlon. It means a lot to compete in honour to Luke as he was such a passionate triathlete. The entire community gets involved and supports the competitors which motivates me throughout the race.

Training must haves?

Zoggs Zena goggles, backpack, towel and my favourite Zoggs togs!

How did you start your athletic journey?

I was just a normal kid who loved sport in a country town. I grew up in a pretty sporty family so I was always playing games or running around. I enjoyed athletics, netball, cross country and swimming during primary school and when I made my first national team for cross country in Year 10 I focused a lot on running. However since I enjoyed running and swimming I thought about trying a triathlon when I was about 15 years old. I bought a cheap road bike and started training casually. I started getting a lot more passionate for the sport and in Year 11 I was selected in the school Queensland Triathlon team and overall placed 3rd in Australia at the nationals. This really motivated me for next season to achieve higher goals of mine. A stress fracture in my left tibia slowly kick started my 2014/15 season but after a few months of good recovery and a base of training I achieved some good results. Recently I have joined the QAS Triathlon Squad being coached by Josh White and next season we have set a main goal to qualify for the U19 ITU World Triathlon Championships.

How do you prepare for an event?

Usually in a lead up to a major event there are many months of preparation involved. Lots of hours and hours of training go into being prepared for an event but strength and conditioning, mental training, physiotherapy, massage and nutrition are just as important. In a tough week of training I will complete about 25km swim training, 250km cycling, 50km running and 2 hours of strength and conditioning. I ensure I always increase my hours of sleep before a race and not fuss about many social issues so I can get in the right head space for racing. On the morning of an event I usually have nerves but at the same time, excitement. I am always keen to get out and race to see the hard training pays off with some good results. I listen to music, stretch, and smile and try to relax.

What advice would you give to someone looking to compete in a triathlon?

The experts were all once beginners too. Just remember that racing is the reward for all of your hard training and it isn’t the be all or end all so just relax and enjoy the race!


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