Wyatt Song

Wyatt Song 1What is your favourite Zoggs Product?

Zoggs Predator Polarized Goggles by far one of the most commutable piece of equipment an open water swimmer can have. I also also like the new trunk design too.

Most memorable swim?

There have been many and each one are so just different, it is difficult to pick out one swim more than another. Landing on French coast after crossing the English Channel isn’t quite the same feeling as completing 1.6 Km in 4C without wetsuit, though both are as memorable as the time when I completed a 25km swim training day or the time I almost got hypothermia after 6hours of swimming at 15C during training.

Most memorable one is always accompanied with a certain level of unknown element about the swim, where the roles of the support crew is as important as the swim itself.

Favourite Event?

Ice Swimming Championship help in the arctic circle in northern Russia, at an air temperature -3C  and water temperature 0.4C, to swim 1Km without wetsuit is a huge challenge. The ice flakes are forming and floating on the water and snow falling as you take your clothes off. The cheering from the crowd and support crews are just amazing.

What are your training must haves?

Apart from the basic gears of a cap and goggles, the “i am here” mindset

How did you get into Ice Mile swimming?

After completed the English Channel swim, I was seeking a challenge of a different kind. Initially I thought swimming 1 mile in ice water wouldn’t be too difficult, however it was by far one of the most difficult things I have gotten myself into. So when I started attempting my first ice swim, I realised the magnitude of  a challenge ice swimming can be. I began to take it seriously and trained a lot for it.

How do you prepare for an event?

Apart from the physical training, for each event, the mental preparation makes all the difference. I find time to meditate and visualise my swim. By the time I jump into the water, it feels like I’ve already done this before.

What advise would you give to someone looking to compete in an ice mile?

Start gradually and consistently, make safety of each training or swim a priority! An ice mile swim isn’t like any another sport I’ve done, if you stay too long in the ice water, hypothermia can be a real life threatening risk that must be managed. For someone just starting to try ice swimming, I find it important to gradually work the water temperature down to around 5C, do not swim alone and a swim with other swimmers isn’t enough for safety. If both people are running into issues dealing with the cold, no one can help one another. Always ensure there is someone on dry land to assist with recovery or emergency. Cold water adaptation comes gradually over a period of time of consistent short exposure, so take the time and be safe.

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