Water Confidence Products to try this Summer

Water-Conf-RangeAt Zoggs we believe that children should be introduced to water as early as possible to promote confidence, well-being and most importantly, enjoyment. Our learn to swim products are designed and categorised to suit your child’s stage of swim development, helping you incorporate fun, safety and learning into every swim session. This year we’ve updated our range of products to stages 1 and 2 featuring our Deep Sea and Mermaid Flower prints that kids will absolutely love as their confidence in the water grows.

Baby Wrap

Sizes: 3-6 months, 6-12 months, 1-2 years
An absolute must-have for little ones both in and around the pool, our Baby Wrap is designed to keep them warm and snug to help them feel more relaxed in the water. When little ones are first introduced to the water they are surrounded by new sounds and smells which can be overwhelming, so ensuring they are warm and comfortable is the perfect way to get them feeling happier and more confident in the water from first splash.


Learn to Swim Floatsuit

Sizes: 1-2 yrs(11-15kgs) & 2-3 yrs (15-18kgs)
Featuring adjustable buoyancy which can be reduced by removing the foam floats as you child’s confidence in the water grows, our ever popular Learn to Swim Floatsuit is back! Also doubling up as swimwear with plenty of space for a swim nappy, this is a handy learn to swim aid to support little ones from first splash to confident swimmer.


Water Wing Vest

Sizes: 1-2 yrs (11-15kgs), 2-3 yrs (15-18kgs) & 4-5 yrs (18-25kg)
Our Water Wing Vest provides fixed buoyancy and encourages a natural swimming position to get little ones used to using their arms and legs to move around in the water. Featuring a neoprene body and super soft sleeves with foam floats strategically sewn into the arms and shoulders, this vest provides exceptional buoyancy and ease of movement as you child learns to swim.


Bobin Jacket

Sizes:2-3 yrs (15-18kgs) & 4-5 yrs (18-25kg)
Little ones can perfect their swimming technique with our Bobin Jacket, featuring adjustable buoyancy with numbered floats which you can remove as their confidence grows. The soft neoprene offers added comfort so they can focus on developing their swimming technique with unlimited freedom of movement. The Bobin Jacket also encourages a natural swimming position in the water, helping them to develop their confidence even faster.


With our vibrant new range of learn to swim suits and jackets, you can find the perfect products to support your child as they learn to swim. As well as a vast range of buoyancy aids, we also offer pool games for all abilities to help build your child’s confidence in the water.

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