Visionary leaders – 21 years of firsts to market and now… introducing Polarized Ultra Lenses

Utilising the highly popular Predator Flex frame with 4 Flexpoint technology™ these goggles feature superior Italian-made copper polarized lenses designed exclusively for Zoggs.

 The copper polarized lenses repel blue light and are ideal for high level light – especially in direct sunshine, reducing glare and reflections of the sun. At the same time they amplify light in darker or overcast conditions providing a superior balanced visual experience allowing the same pair of goggles to be used whatever the conditions, in outdoor open water or indoor pool swimming.


  • One piece goggle with Ultra polarized copper lenses designed and manufactured in Italy, exclusively for Zoggs.
  •  Ultra polarized copper lenses to reduce glare as well as amplify light in darker conditions.
  •  99% UV distortion free absorption lenses.
  •  Curved Lens Technology CLT™ offering 180 degrees peripheral vision.
  •  Fogbuster™ Anti-Fog lenses offer consistent moisture control for real clarity of vision.
  •  4 Flexpoint Technology™ for enhanced frame flexibility and a super comfortable fit.
  • Lightweight unique bio-tech™ frame technology. A durable long lasting frame with soft silicone gaskets offering a super comfortable fit.
  • Easy adjust silicone strap for fantastic strength, comfort and durability

A women’s Predator Flex Polarized Ultra (below) is also available which contains all of the above features but is overall 7% smaller in size.


For more information contact Zoggs Australia on (02) 9453 2000 or

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