The best swimming pool games for kids

With the weather heating up and summer holidays in our sight, we’re dreaming about family time spent by the pool playing games. Here are just a few of our favourites whether you’re heading to your local swimming pool or further afield.

For younger children, or those visiting the pool for the first time, the Zoggy and Friends Soakers are ideal for building water confidence. Soakers can be introduced at bath time and this set of 3 is a great way to encourage babies and children to reach for their favourite character.

Our Seal Flips can be used as a swim and retrieve game or you can blow them so they flip! This brilliant fun game is ideal for making children feel comfortable in the water and can be combined with a Water Wings Vest or Armbands to help their confidence.

301268 seal flips 2014_24

Dive balls are an entertaining way for families to play together. There’s a lot of fun to be had seeing who can race to the bottom of the pool to retrieve a dive ball first. You can mix and match superheroes like Wonder Woman, Batman and Superman too.


A similar game can be played with Zoggy Dive Sticks  These can be thrown in the water and retrieved. Children can either collect one each as part of a competition or go after all 4 of the dive sticks themselves. Heading beneath the surface for Zoggy Dive Rings is a brilliant way to develop competent skills as well. The feet are weighted to help them land upright making it easier for children to grab them.

dive rings57-503_24

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