Swimshapes Guide


Say hello to our new look Swimshapes range

The great features of our swimwear will flatter, enhance and support your shape to help you look fab and feel great in the pool. And with the fantastic comfort, softness and durability that’s offered by our fabrics, there’s simply no better choice of shaping swimwear.

Guide to your perfect fit

Swimshapes has been designed with real women in mind. Our feature combinations will help you look your best whatever your shape:

Feature Description
swimshapes_icon-foam-cups-90px For maximum shape and comfort
 swimshapes_icon-shelf-bra-90px  For flattering and supportive fit
 swimshapes_icon-boost-90px Graduated padding for a natural looking boost and maximum cleavage
 swimshapes_icon-remove-cups-90px For maximum shape and comfort
 swimshapes_icon-structure-90px For women with a fuller bust to fit D to F cup size (guide only)
 swimshapes_icon-leg-height-90px Suits vary in leg height from low or medium to high cut with also a shorts style on some suits

swimshapes_icon-leg-height-short-90px swimshapes_icon-leg-height-low-90px swimshapes_icon-leg-height-med-90px swimshapes_icon-leg-height-high-90px

 swimshapes_icon-adj-straps-90px For maximum shape and comfort
 swimshapes_icon-tummy-90px  Extra support for a flatter tummy
 swimshapes_icon-booty-90px  Designed to give lift and support
 swimshapes_icon-maternity-90px Grows with you and your bump
 swimshapes_icon-length-90px  Provides a comfortable fit for longer bodies
 swimshapes_icon-back-90px For maximum shape and comfort
 swimshapes_icon-linings-90px Suits also have varying linings, with some featuring a bust lining or full front lining for increased modesty

Swimshapes by Zoggs