Swimming Aids for Toddlers

The Zoggs range of swimming aids for toddlers has been specially developed to include bright colours and popular characters that help little ones feel excited about swimming, as well as plenty of safety features that help them feel safe and secure once they’re in the water. It is important to go off weight not age when purchasing a swimming aid. All products must be used under strict adult supervision.

Here are just 5 of our favourite swimming aids for toddlers from our range:

Learn to Swim Float Suit

8005140f_24-2The Zoggs Learn to Swim Floatsuit is the perfect learn to swim aid from first splash to confident swimmer! With removable floats, this floatsuit can be altered to suit your little one as they become more confident in the water.

The Learn to Swim Float Suit is also perfect for long days in the pool and on the beach as it’s made with UPF50+ fabric – the highest level of sun protection found in the clothing. Available in Blue and Pink and in sizes 2-3 years (15-18kg) and 4-5 years (18-25kg)


Designed for little ones aged 1 to 6 years (up to 25kg), these roll-ups feature Easy Inflate valves that help you blow them up quickly, roll onto the arm and provide a snug, stable fit around the upper arm to help301204-Roll-Ups_13062012_24 your child feel safe, secure and buoyant in the water.

Boys and Girls Swim Jackets

swim_jacket_pinkSwim jackets are ideal for helping toddlers to feel safe and warm in the water.  Available in two colours for girls or boys aged 2-3 years (15-18kg) or 4-5 years (18-25kg), these swim jackets are made from soft, flexible neoprene fabric that is tailored to give little ones total freedom of movement for their arms and legs.

They feature in-built, puncture proof floats for buoyancy and a zip that makes them easy to put on or take off over any other item of children’s swimwear.

Zoggy Back Float


If your child is ready to learn basic swimming moves then the Zoggy Backfloat provides the extra buoyancy and unrestricted freedom of movement in the water they need.   Suitable for children aged 2 to 6 (max. weight 25kg), this backfloat features four layers of lightweight yet robust EVA and a double-action safety buckle. It secures across your child’s chest via an adjustable strap and promotes a safe, horizontal swimming position. As they grow in skill and confidence, each float can be removed to adjust the buoyancy.

Swim Rings

Perfect for toddlers aged 2 to 3 (max. weight 15kg) and 3-6 (max. weight 25kg) these swim rings help keep your child upright and encourages them to kick freely and enjoy the sensation of being in all that water.

These rings also feature Easy Inflate valves for fast inflation and deflation, plus they include dual air chambers for added safety.


Any of these swimming aids for toddlers will help them, and you, to have fun, play safe and take to the water together in confidence. You can find more great advice and information about helping your child learn to swim check out the Zoggs blog and videos, or explore the extensive range of swimwear, swimming aids and equipment for children available here at Zoggs

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