Picking the perfect swim cap

A swimming essential the swimming cap – who knew there were so many to pick from? Some important things to think about when picking a cap is that it should be tight enough to remain on your head throughout a race or workout, but not so tight that it leaves a line or begins to hurt your head. It’s also important to note that the purpose of a swimming cap is not to keep hair dry but to keep it away from the face and act as a filter against chlorine.

Long Hair

Our Ultra Fit Cap is perfect for long or thick hair, it’s silicone 3D moulded contour design fits snugly around the hairline and is aquadynamically shaped to reduce drag. This is also a great cap for people using ear plugs to help hold them in place as it covers the ears. If you prefer the normal style silicone cap there’s our Easy Fit Cap with 30% more stretch than a traditional silicone cap.

Medium to short hair

Standard Silicone Caps are perfect for medium to short hair as they are shaped for a superior fit and comfort with an embossed non-slip inner surface for fuss-free swimming  and available in plain colours and multi colour


With plenty to choose from we have Multi Colour Caps, Character Caps and also our DC Super Heroes range caps so they can swim like their favourite Super Hero. All made from 100% silicone with embossed non-slip inner surface.

Our fabric Deluxe Stretch Caps are perfect for little ones who don’t like the feel and tightness of a silicone cap. It is also easier to put on and to remove as it pulls less on hair.

For tips on how to put on a swimming cap on a child check out our hints and tips video below.


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