nitrogen optic


Designed for people who wear glasses, goggles with corrective lenses for short-sightedness. Offering sharp vision and comfortable fit, for use in the pool or  for outdoor swimming. Available as a kit to tailor the lenses to your eyes, in a range of dioptres from -1.5 to -6.0. The strap and nosebridge  come as a set, while the lenses are bought separately. All you need are the elements below. 

Optic Lens

Prescription lenses in a variety of dioptres (strengths), ranging from -1.5 to -6.0.


Includes S, M and L nosebridge options

Strap & Strap Clip

Double strap for comfort and strap clip to secure your goggles


Now you have selected your lens ( one for each eye ) complete your kit with the strap & nosebridge set. The lens are interchangeable so just buy the Diopter lens you need. Follow the instructions & video below to assemble your goggles.

How to Assemble Your Nitrogen Optic Goggle

Follow our 4 simple steps:

Step 1. Connect nosebridge to one of the lenses.

Step 2. Connect nosebridge to other lens.

Step 3. Taking one end of the strap, thread it through the side of the goggle lens. Repeat on the other side.

Step 4. Taking one end of the strap, thread it into the strap clip – use the inner gap first, then create a loop by threading the strap into the gap next to it. Repeat on the other side.  

Or why not take a look at our handy video guide on how to assemble the goggle.

How To Assemble