Racing Results:

4th Professional Female Geelong 70.3 2020 (PB 4:22)
2020 70.3 World Championship Qualifier
9 x Ironman Finisher (PB 9:57)
Ultraman Australia Womens Champion 2016
2nd Place Ironman World Championship (Age Group)
3 x Ironman World Championship Athlete
3 x Ironman Age Group Champion
2 x 70.3 Age Group Champion

“I love the challenge of triathlons. With the variety of 3 different sports within the 1 sport there are so many areas to improve in. I also love the mental challenge that is required to not only training consistently day in, day out, but over years and years to reach my potential. And of course the mental challenge of race day to push beyond what you thought was capable”

In the coming years Chloe’s goals are to win her first podium at an Ironman Race, then win an Ironman race to qualify for the Ironman World Championships and race the best women in the world.

Chloe Lane

In addition to competing in Triathlons, Chloe is Owner and Head Coach at Fast Lane coaching, where she mentors Fast Lane's Coaches and coaches athletes of all abilities. Chloe has a passion for challenging herself and her athletes, helping them to learn and grow into the best athletes they can be.

Coaching Qualifications, Awards, Achievements:
TRIATHLON AUSTRALIA Accredited Performance Coach
South Australian Coach of the Year 2018
Certified Swim Coach
Training Peaks University Qualified
Age Group 70.3 Winner
Ironman World Championships Qualifier (Nicola Leavold)
3 x 70.3 World Championships Qualifier (Julie Stevens, Jarrad LoBasso)