Charles Legget

My name is Charles Legget and I'm a British triathlete living in Sydney. I first started my triathlon journey back in 2012 when I was recovering from an injury I sustained whilst playing cricket. I've always been an avid swimmer. I'm one of three boys and our mother had us in swim squads from the age of 6 until we reached senior school. After finishing University a mate asked me for some swim advice in preparation for Ironman Wales. What I didn't anticipate was how excited I would get about the sport having not swam for a few years. We both ended up racing together and it was a life changing moment for me. 

Six months later I moved to Sydney and fell in love with the outdoor lifestyle. I could swim all year round here, an absolute dream compared to the icy waters of Scotland. Swimming came naturally to me as I trained in this discipline from a young age but ocean swimming was a new challenge. With this lifestyle in Sydney I ended up completing a few 70.3s and started chasing the Kona dream. It took me three years to get there and is was an absolute journey.

One of the most satisfying achievements of my life so far has been competing with the world's best at one of the hardest one day endurance events on the planet. Since then my focus has been on improving and progressing. This has lead to winning two 70.3 races outright including the Ironman NZ 70.3 in 2017. This year the target is focused back on Kona after qualifying at Ironman WA. My values as an athlete are to work hard, train smart and be focused and specific with each session.