Improve your swimming technique with James Goddard [videos]

If you’re looking to improve your swimming technique but you’re not at your peak in terms of swimming style or fitness level, our new James Goddard films on the Zoggs YouTube channel might be helpful. James is an award winning British competitive and backstroke swimmer who represented Great Britain in the Olympics, FINA world championships and European championships. He swam for England in the Commonwealth Games, and also runs regular swim training camps throughout Europe.

How to swim freestyle efficiently: This video will help you to perfect your front crawl. An efficient freestyle stroke will enable you to burn up to 600 calories per hour and give your body a great workout.

Freestyle (front crawl): How to get your breathing under control: Master your breathing and your swimming will become easier, simpler and a more enjoyable experience. This video aims to help you improve your overall freestyle technique, enhancing your breathing style.

Tumble turns: How to change direction quickly underwater: This video aims to improve your ability to turn quickly and efficiently whilst in the water, by pushing off the wall.

How to master breaststroke: This video will help you improve your breaststroke and building your technique. This stroke technique works on the pecs, lats, glutes and quads muscles. Plus you can learn how to position your body and perform hand entry more efficiently.

How to finesse the backstroke (back crawl) technique: The backstroke technique works your shoulders, lats and chest muscles. In this film, we show you how your arms and legs move through the water to improve your body position, creating less resistance and a more efficient stroke.

How to perform butterfly: Learn how to perfect this physically demanding stoke from building your rhythm to body positioning. This technique can burn around 750 calories per hour, working the abdominals, triceps, pectorals, shoulders and quadriceps.

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