Improve your health and wellbeing with swimming

Swimming is just one of the ways to manage the effects of stress as it releases endorphins – feel good hormones that increase positivity and bring a sense of wellbeing and happiness. It’s also believed swimming can reduce stress more than other forms of exercise as it can be relaxing and reduce anxiety. You can swim by yourself or head to the pool or the beach with a friend in tow. A report published by Swim England last year found Swimming to be particularly beneficial for those with health conditions. It also found evidence that swimmers can live longer. Here are just a few of the ways it can help stress levels and make you feel good.

Swimming is a great form of escapism both physically and mentally. With no distractions, a half an hour swim can help reduce stress, boost energy levels and encourage relaxation. You may find you sleep much better.

As its suitable for all ages and abilities, it’s an ideal way to improve your fitness. What’s more our bodies work harder in the water so it’s a great way to strengthen muscles and give your body a boost.

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Swimming is the best way to stretch your muscles without putting pressure on joints and bones and it can make your joints more flexible. Getting in the water is a good way to aid recovery if you’re been injured particularly if land based activities are just not possible.

Finally, swimming is an excellent way to burn calories without putting strain your body. It’s proven to be more effective than walking, running or cycling and a superb way to stay active. And when you’re heading to the pool on a regular basis, your technique will improve so you can push yourself that little bit harder too.

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