How to Stay Motivated to Swim in Winter

Winter solstice has been but it’s still dark early and cold in the water, but do not fret; Swimming is all year round!

Dust off those swimmers, don that cap, dig out your favourite goggles  and head to your local indoor swimming pool because swimming is actually the perfect sport for staying in shape and having fun throughout winter.

Swimming pools are generally quieter at this time of year so you’ll have more space to try new strokes and improve your technique or if you’re a nervous swimmer, build up your confidence in the water. If you don’t already have a regular swim routine, now is the ideal time to create one.


Here’s a few tips on how to find and maintain your motivation to swim throughout winter:

Try Something New

Lane swimming is great for your physical and mental health but don’t get stuck in a rut with your routine.

There are heaps of fun pool activities you can do in the winter that will help you brave the cold and stay motivated. Try a stroke correction class or join a squad.

Swimming is also a great exercise for those looking for low impact exercise. So if you’re not feeling well, a little stiff, or just need to loosen up a bit, check out your local aqua aerobics class!

Classes are also a great way to meet new people and introduce a social element to your swimming routine.

For those with small children, check with your local pool for child minding facilities, so you can concentrate on your stroke, while your child concentrates on playing and making new friends.

Get Competitive

Take the next step and put those skills to good use! Setting yourself swimming goals is great for motivation so whether you compete with yourself to achieve better lap times or distances, represent a swim club or join a team to play a sport such as water polo, a little competition can be a great incentive to get to the pool. Sign up for an event later in the year such as Lorne Pier to Pub, Bondi Splash & Dash, Real Swim Series (NZ) or any other swims in your area. 

Check out our  swimming training and tracking website Swim4Fitness to set yourself challenges and track your progress.

Swim with Friends

It’s much easier to stick to a swimming plan if you go with a friend; you’re far less likely to pass on a session if you know you’re letting your buddy down! Check out the timetable at your local pool and agree on set days that you can both commit to.

Add some training equipment

The right equipment will give you confidence and motivation to get down to the pool and put your best arm forward!

Here at Zoggs, we have specifically designed to help mix up your work out, build your strength and improve your swimming technique. Have a look at our latest range online and see what suits your swim style.

For videos please visit check out our Youtube Channel

Make it a family event

Get the whole family involved! There’s nothing better than having a splash around with family. If you’re near the city, check out the bigger pools as they often have different events, classes and sometimes indoor water parks set up.

Now is also the perfect time for the little ones to have swimming lessons. A weekly swimming lesson with a little play time afterwards will have them comfortable and confident in the water by Summer!

Think of the Summer!

Summer will be back before you know it, bringing early morning, afternoon and evening swims. Kids will be at friend’s pools, at the beach and at water parks with friends. When Summer arrives, you will want you and your family to be confident in all types of water.

You’ll also be happy that you kept fit by swimming throughout winter – you’ll be lengths ahead of those that spent the winter curled up on the sofa!

You can find all the encouragement, advice, swimwear and equipment you need to get swimming this winter, online at And if you have any great tips on staying motivated to swim throughout the winter, let us know by diving into Facebook to say Hi or tweeting us #WinterSwimTips

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