How to avoid headaches while swimming

Headaches while swimming can be such a frustrating problem, when you just want to get in there and complete your swim. Swimmers’ headaches can be brought on by a number of factors, ranging from the type of kit you’re wearing (goggles and swim caps in particular) to a lack of oxygen or dehydration.

Here’s a couple of our top tips to help you avoid a swimmers’ headache –

Finding the right goggles – having the right fit of goggles is essential anything too tight can cause a pressure headache. All of our goggles are make from high quality soft silicone and are packaged so you can get them out and try them on to ensure the perfect fit. If you’re finding pressure and redness around the eyes during your swim we’d recommend our Ultima Air Titanium or Fusion Air goggles which feature Air filled gaskets, made from high quality silicone, they provide a ‘cushioned’ seal which gives an ‘almost not there’ fit with significantly reduced marking around and pressure the eyes.

Cap too tight? Headaches can come from pressure applied to the scalp and forehead, especially if your cap is too tight. We have caps such as the Easy Fit Silicone Cap which has 30% extra stretch and our Deluxe Stretch Caps which are made from fabric making for a softer fit.

Chlorine headache? Chlorine can irritate the nasal lining causing a sinus headache – it’s worth investing in a nose clip to help seal your nostrils.

Dehydrated? Swimming can give the false illusion because you’re not in a gym ‘sweating’ that you’re hydrated – make sure you keep a water bottle on hand during your swim and it’s also important to make sure you get plenty of water before diving in.

Lack of oxygen – this can be brought on by not breathing regularly, or holding your breath for too long while swimming. You can check out our freestyle breathing video for tips or may even want to invest in a couple of swimming lessons with a coach to help you perfect it.

Check out our goggle fit guide to help you find the right goggles and remember all of our goggle packaging is made to be opened so you can test them out before purchasing.



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