Holiday essentials for babies and toddlers

Our Learn to Swim range is designed to help provide children with a kick start in the pool whether they’re starting or learning to swim. Our floatsuits are cleverly designed with puncture-proof floats that help keep them in a natural swimming position with baby wraps and swim nappies to keep them warm. Our buoyancy aids are a great way for children to develop their swimming technique with kickboards ideal for building strength. Pool games are a great way to boost their confidence too. Here are some of our most popular products suitable for babies and young children.

Zoggs Trainer Seats are hugely popular with parents across Australia and New Zealand who have babies and toddlers starting to swim.  The product is noted for its excellent safety features whilst being comfortable, bright and visible, easy to pack for holidays – and also affordable.With 4 separate air chambers for safety, Zoggs Trainer Seats are made from durable Vylux™ which is not easily torn on punctured, so parents and little ones can enjoy the water in complete confidence. Zoggs Trainer Seats are available in two sizes: 3-12 months and 12-18 months, and are perfect for introducing children to water.They’re ideal for wearing with a Swim Sure Nappy and super snug to avoid accidents! The Swim Sure Nappy is available from size 0-3 months up to 18-24 months with our Adjustable Swim Nappy  suitable for 3-24 months.

Our Water Wings products (Water Wing Vest and Floatsuits) are available from age one. They provide fixed buoyancy and encourage a natural swimming position so children get used to using their arms and legs. There’s a neoprene body and super soft sleeves with foam floats sewn into the arms and shoulders to provide exceptional buoyancy and ease of movement. The zip does up at the back with a tab to hold it in place too so children are not able to remove the vest themselves.

Our inflatable aids include character armbands (like Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman), float bands and rings which are suitable for pool use. The innovative 3-in-1 Jetpack is also a great option for those trying to swim as it’s a backfloat and kickboard combined with a fun rocket design.

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Our sun protection tops cater for size 2 to 6 years. With UPF 50+ sun protection, they’re ideal for use in and around the water. With a zip back for ease in putting on and a longer back so they’re still protected when crouching or bending over.

We have an array of goggles to suit young children including the Little Twist which has thick, durable silicone straps and an easy adjust mechanism at the back. The blue tinted lenses are ideal for indoor swimming and low level outdoor light, with Fogbuster™ anti-fog and UV protection for clarity. Our Phantom Kids Mask (pictured below) is always a popular choice, offering 180 degree peripheral vision, maximum UV protection and Fogbuster™. There’s also a hypo-allergenic Soft-Seal™ frame that moulds to the contours of the face to give a ‘second skin’ style comfort.


To discover swimwear, goggles and learning aids for babies, toddlers (and the whole family), head over to our website.

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