Goggle Fitting Guide

Goggles come in all shapes and sizes but selecting the right pair need not be hard work. The trick to getting a good pair of goggles is finding a pair which fit your face and eyes – and make you look great in the water of course! Here are our 3 easy steps to finding the perfect goggles for you…

Step 1 – SealZoggs_Day2_16_006_Retouched_CMYK_24

To test the fit you should first apply the goggles to your face without the strap in place and test the seal the goggle provides. If a split second of suction is provided then you have a strong indication of a good fit. Myth:Tightening the strap will ensure your goggles give a good fit. Fact: The goggle straps sole purpose is to hold the goggle in position, not to provide the seal. Adjustment of the strap may be necessary, however you should avoid the temptation to pull the strap too tight, this will simply create uncomfortable pressure on the delicate eye area, not to mention unsightly ‘panda eyes’ effect.

Step 2 – Fit

Once you have found a good seal you should fit the head strap by carefully adjusting and focusing on two areas: 1. Nose Bridge – The goggles should sit comfortably around the nose and create a good seal. 2. Seal – The seal around the eye should sit comfortably in the corner of the eyes and not wrap too far around the corner of the eyes.

Step 3 – Style

We always recommend trying 2-3 different models, this will help you compare fit, comfort and validate your purchase decision.

Still unsure? Here’s our Goggle Fitting Guide Video