Elise Salt

What is your favourite Zoggs product?
I love the Zoggs Predator goggle range because they never leak and they never fog.
Most memorable swim?
My most memorable swim was swimming from Takapuna beach to Rangitoto Island on Boxing Day 2014. It was a 5.5km swim which is my longest open water swim and it was quite an adventure!
Favourite event?
I love the Stroke and Stride Series which is held every Summer in Auckland. It is a swim/run series with distances ranging from 500m-1km swim and 3km-5km run. They’re always fun events and a good chance to catch up with all the locals.
What are your training must haves?
A good pair of non-foggy goggles, a cap that doesn’t fall off when I tumbleturn, and a pull-buoy to keep me afloat on those days where my legs can’t quite manage to
How did you start your athletic journey?
I started swimming when I was 3 and hockey when I was 4.
How do you prepare for an event?
I always write down my goals for a race the day before and also my timeline leading up to the start (when I’ll have breakfast, when I’ll start warm-up etc). I also like to visualize myself racing on the course.
What advice would you give to someone looking to compete in a triathlon?
Don’t worry about not having the latest equipment or the most expensive bike. That’s not what triathlons are about. They’re about giving it a go, having fun and enjoying the amazing atmosphere of being around people that all have a passion for the sport.

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