Dan Abel takes on the English Channel in our NEW Predator Polarized Ultra Goggles

My name is Dan Abel and my job is swimming. It’s my passion. It’s what I teach. It’s what I write about. It’s what I do each and every day.

On 9 July 2017 I swam the English channel. It was the realisation of a long time ambition. Zoggs was there for my swim as they have been supporting our open water swim ambitions for many seasons. It all began a number of years ago when I looked around our swim squad and noticed that one type of goggle was prevalent amongst our swimmers without any prompting from our staff – Zoggs Predator. This goggle design has fit more face types that any other goggle I have ever experienced. At FitandAbel coaching we like aligning ourselves with the best open water swim kit producers. We say “get the kit right and you are going to be far more comfortable in your swimming , able to enjoy it more and focus on higher priorities – like sighting and swimming!”.

I’ve had some bad experiences with goggles – in long swims I have previously had goggle headaches when a goggle doesn’t quite fit right or the strap is slightly uncomfortable. It’s not that noticeable to start, barely noticeable after 30 minutes but two or three hours later is driving you crazy. In longer swims I prefer to wear goggles under my cap as I find it more comfortable. For my English Channel swim that wasn’t possible as the first four hours of the swim were at night. I chose to wear the Zoggs Predator Ultra. The double band strap is ‘gold’ for open water swimmers as it allows for a more dissipated pressure foot print on the head. I put my goggles on at the start, jumped into the night and swam 11 hours 15 minutes without concern for comfort or leaking. It allowed me to focus on more important things like rhythm, feeding, staying positive and maintaining good form for my 40, 000 plus strokes to France. That is what I know Zoggs goggles can deliver for me time and time again. Thanks Zoggs for your great goggles and for supporting our fantastic sport of open water swimming. Dan Abel www.fitandabel.com

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