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Improve your health and wellbeing with swimming

Swimming is just one of the ways to manage the effects of stress as it releases endorphins – feel good hormones that increase positivity and bring a sense of wellbeing and happiness. It’s also believed swimming can reduce stress more than other forms of exercise as it can be relaxing and reduce anxiety. You can […]

Improve your swimming technique with James Goddard [videos]

If you’re looking to improve your swimming technique but you’re not at your peak in terms of swimming style or fitness level, our new James Goddard films on the Zoggs YouTube channel might be helpful. James is an award winning British competitive and backstroke swimmer who represented Great Britain in the Olympics, FINA world championships and European championships. […]

Predator Flex 2.0 wins 2018 Red Dot Award For Design and Innovation

We’re delighted to announce the Zoggs Predator Flex 2.0 goggle has been awarded a 2018 Red Dot Award for Design and Innovation in the Sporting Equipment category. Red Dot is recognised internationally as one of the most sought after quality marks for design. Judged by a panel of 39 industry leading jurors, including independent designers, […]

Technique Tips: How to Use Training Fins

At Zoggs, we’re passionate about all things swimming and that’s why we produce a range of swimwear, swimming aids and equipment that’s designed to help you make the very most of your swim time. Some of the most popular swimming aids we provide are training fins and if you haven’t tried them yet, here’s a […]

Zoggs Pull Buoy Training Tips

A pull buoy is designed to help you focus on building your upper body strength and stroke technique. The Zoggs team has put together a guide to how they work, and how you can make them work for you…. Better balance, better stroke with a pull buoy positioned between your thighs, your body will stay high […]

The Benefits of Swimming During Pregnancy

It’s important to maintain a healthy lifestyle throughout your pregnancy, and most forms of light exercise will assist in easing up aches and pains as well as your breathing, helping you to utilise oxygen more efficiently. Swimming is a fantastic low impact exercise, making it perfect for light activity throughout pregnancy. By exercising in the pool, […]

5 Reasons Why Your Next Workout Should Be a Swim

Looking for an alternative to the gym or considering your options for starting an exercise regime? Then here are just 5 reasons why your next workout should be a swim: 1. It Helps You to Lose Weight Swimming is one of the most efficient ways to ditch the calories and lose weight. According to recent studies, […]

Top Tips: Baby Swim Nappies

Taking your little one to the pool can be a fantastic bonding experience, while also helping them to develop essential swimming skills. Ensuring you have the right equipment with you is key to making the most out of your baby’s time in the water, and a little guidance goes a long way to ensuring you […]