Build Water Confidence with Pool Games

We all know if you start kids off in the right way, you’ve got a swimmer for life. And by starting off right, we don’t just mean teaching them to swim safely – they need to have fun in the water. It’s one of the reasons we make pool games suitable for babies and children whatever swim stage they’re at. Here are a few of our favourites.

When starting to swim, our Zoggy Soakers are designed to build water confidence so young children get used to feeling the water on their arms. This set includes Zoggy the Seal, Cedric the Crab and Ozzy the Octopus. They can be introduced as splashers at bath time so your child can get familiar with them if they’ve not been in a swimming pool before. If they have, these characters make for a fun pool game as they float (and they’re squeezable).


Learning to swim? Our Seal Flips are a brilliant way to build water confidence – children can just blow the seal to make it’s head flip!

The seal flips float too so they can be used as a swim and retrieve game – ideal for developing swimmers (who are in a swim jacket or armbands).


For the confident swimmers, Our Dive Rings game is great for developing competent skills as well as being great fun. There are 3 Zoggy rings which can be thrown into the water and children can race to collect them. The feet are weighted too which makes them easier to collect from the bottom of the pool.


Finally, our favourite game for confident swimmers is our Zoggy Dive Sticks. Kids can take the plunge with this dive and retrieve game which consists of 3 Zoggy sticks which can be thrown into the water. They land at the bottom of the pool as they fill with water on the way down – ideal for developing those swimming skills (and perhaps a little healthy competition!).

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