Aqualast Swimwear

Zoggs Australia and New Zealand is happy to announce our full range of swimwear* will now be made from our Aqualast Fabric from July 2016.

Aqualast Stamp Logo AWOur Aqualast™ swimwear is built to last! We are so confident in the quality,
durability and reliability of our Aqualast™ fabric that it’s the world’s first and only swimwear fabric to come with a lifetime guarantee! We strive to uphold this promise, but it’s important to remember that no fabric is indestructible. As with any garment, if care guidelines are not followed then your Aqualast™ swimsuit may eventually perish, so we ask that you consider the below before contacting Zoggs regarding your Aqualast™ swimsuit.

In order to care for your Zoggs costume and ensure you get the most wear out of it we recommend the following:

  • Rinse your swimsuit in fresh cold water after every use
  • Machine wash using a mild detergent at 30oC
  • Hang your swimsuit to dry in a shaded area
  • Do not bleach
  • Do not tumble dry, leave on a radiator or use swimsuit dryers
  • Never store wet swimwear for any long period of time
  • Avoid contact with rough & scratchy surfaces, even sitting on the rough edge of a pool may cause damage
  • Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight and drying in direct sunshine as this may result in colours fading

Providing these care instructions are followed then your Aqualast™ swimsuit shouldn’t perish and we will have no hesitation in offering a replacement garment, at our discretion, if your Aqualast™ swimsuit wears out in any way. 

*Modesty suits made in hydrolife fabric

*Shorts made in durafeel fabric

If you have any queries regarding our Aqualast Lifetime Guarantee or your Aqualast swimwear, please contact us on:


Phone: +61 2 9453 2000 or email

New Zealand

Phone:  +64 4 293 5741 or email

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