Aaron Royle


What is your favourite Zoggs Product?

Zoggs predators

Most memorable swim?

Open water swim event in Seb Sabastian on the Basque coast of Spain. A 3km swim around an Island is nice clear water with the back drop of the city.

Favourite Event?

Noosa Triathlon festival. Nice atmosphere with so many events happening at once.

What are your training must haves?

Paddles and pull buoy – They are good for strength but also keeps the legs rested for riding and running.

How did you start your athletic journey?

Started as a national level swimmer before one of the guys in the swim club asked me to give a triathlon a go. Did that then, loved it and haven’t looked back.

How do you prepare for an event?

For a big race specific training starts 6 weeks out. We look at the course and what it demands of you and train specifically for that.

What advice would you give to someone looking to compete in a triathlon?

Join in with a triathlon club. They often run sessions and are a good way to learn the ropes of triathlon. Its also far more enjoyable training with others.

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