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Phantom Elite Junior

Product Description

Our Phantom Elite Junior goggles are ideal for swimming lessons, with 180 degree peripheral vision They come in a mix of clear lenses which make these goggles ideal for indoor swimming and tinted lenses suitable for outdoor and indoor swimming. Our Soft-Seal™ hypo-allergenic frame moulds to the contours of the face giving a superb customised fit whilst retaining softness to give a ‘second skin’ style comfort. With Fogbuster™ anti-fog impregnated into the lens, maximum UV protection and a durable easy adjust strap, this is a fantastic goggle for juniors

  • Suitable for children aged 6-14 years
  • CLT™ – Curved Lens Technology – 180 degree peripheral vision
  • Soft-Seal™ hypo-allergenic frame offering a soft, customised fit
  • Smoke tinted lens suitable for indoor and outdoor swimming
  • Clear gaskets offer greater light balance
  • Fogbuster™ impregnated anti-fog lenses for longer fog free swimming
  • Maximum UV protection
  • Ideal for swimming lessons
  • Quick adjust strap mechanism
  • Silicone strap for fantastic strength, comfort and durability
  • Split-yoke strap reduces pressure on the child’s face
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