100% chlorine proof fabric for ultimate lasting performance
Excellent support and comfort
Exceptional colour and shape retention
Quick drying
UPF 50+

We are so confident in the quality, durability and reliability of this Zoggs Aqualast suit that we will have no hesitation in offering a replacement garment, at our discretion if the suit wears out in any way. (Excluding damage caused by improper or unreasonable use.)

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  • Cool-Geo-Rowlee-Back

    Cool Geo Rowlee Back

  • Cool-Geo-Sprintback_24

    Cool Geo Sprintback

  • cool-geo-tankini

    Cool Geo Tankini

  • Cool-Geo-Yaroomba

    Cool Geo Yaroomba Floral

  • 5550080-550080z-cottes_24

    Cottesloe Sportsback – Black

  • 5550425-550425z-cottes_24

    Cottesloe Sportsback – Navy

  • Cottesloe-sportsback-1280a

    Cottesloe Sportsback – Pink

  • Cuban-Sunset-Sprintback-2_24

    Cuban Sprintback

  • Cuban-Sunset-Flyback

    Cuban Sunset Flyback

  • Cuban-Sunset-Yaroomba-Floral_24

    Cuban Sunset Yaroomba Floral

  • hearty-duo-back-front

    Hearty Duoback

  • Short-sleeve-sun-top-Pink-Blue-front

    Junior Girls Short Sleeve Sun Top