As the home of swimming, here at Zoggs you will find all of the must-have swimming accessories to help you and your family get the most out of every swim. Helping people of all ages enjoy everything that swimming has to offer, our accessories are made from top quality materials to ensure a long lasting durability that will see you through plenty of pool hours.

Swimming accessories at Zoggs include a competitive selection of swimming caps, nose clips, ear plugs and towels.

Each swimming cap features an embossed non-slip inner surface to allow you to easily put the cap on, while each hat is specially shaped to provide a superior fit as well as comfort. In addition to our wide range of adult swim caps, here at Zoggs we also offer a number of super fun children’s swim caps which will make sure they always look the part in the water.

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  • 301658-AquaPlugz-Junior_24

    Aqua Plugz Junior

  • 301658-aquaplugz-blue06_24

    Aqua Plugz Standard

  • Aqua Sports Carryall Black_RGB_24

    Aqua Sports Carry All

  • 300689-front-snorkel_24

    Centre Line Snorkel

  • 300607-deluxe-purple_24

    Deluxe Stretch Swim Cap


    Ear Band Large


    Ear Band Small

  • 300624-Easyfit-blue_24

    Easy Fit Swim Cap

  • web-2015-deluxe-goggle-case_24

    Elite Goggle Case

  • ELITE Blue Towel_24

    Elite Towel

  • ELITE Lime Towel_24

    Elite Towel Lime

  • ELITE Pink Towel_24

    Elite Towel Pink