Jake Montgomery


What is your favourite Zoggs Product?

Zoggs Predator Polarised

Most memorable swim?

I have had a lot of good swims over the years but the one to stand out would be just recently at the Devonport Oceania Championship this year where I came out in the lead group and on the feet of Aaron Royle, one of the best swimmers in the World Triathlon Series. Wearing my Zoggs Predator Polarised I’m sure gave me a huge advantage

Favourite Event?

Mooloolaba Triathlon Festival (although I have not raced it as a beach swim, fingers crossed for this season)

What are your training must haves?

Swim – My Zoggs Kit (Zoggs Speedspex goggles/silicon cap/Bluefinz/Pull-buoy/Matrix Large Hand Paddles/Kickboard/Snorkel and will never do an open water swim without my Predator Polarised goggles

Bike – My trusty Giant Propel

Run – My complete range of Newton Running shoes

How did you start your athletic journey?

I had always been a keen swimmer and runner but it wasn’t until an old swim coach told me to try out for the Sydney Junior Triathlon Academy when I was 13 years old. Time trials for swimming and running were held and after successful times I was selected in the squad, it all started from there. Coach Mick Delamotte let me borrow one of his road bikes for the first 6 months until I bought my own which was a huge help to let me get started into the sport.

How do you prepare for an event?

Swim and easy ride the day before

Love a good sized pizza the night before the race

Some music prior keeps the nerves balanced

Prefer to do a long swim warm up before the race (15min+)

What advice would you give to someone looking to compete in a triathlon?

If you’re starting out don’t be nervous, think of it more as an adventure rather than a race, you can worry about racing for your best time/place once you have done a few

Be in the moment, focus on what you are doing right now, not thinking about the ride when swimming or the run when riding

An enticer/novice distance is a great starting point

Essential equipment can be very handy, don’t need all the flash/expensive gear. Examples include wetsuit if you intend to race where the water is cold, cycle shoes with 1 strap fastening and elastic laces in your running shoes

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